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“The pursuit of affluence” used to be our timeless motto. Modern society is formed through rapid changes caused by the pursuit of affluence and science and technology developments in a variety of fields. However, with development processes come numerous problems. Among these, problems related to energy resources and the environment perhaps warrant the most attention worldwide. As the trends of the times change, LPG is gaining attention as a clean energy that is cheap and safe, yet low-polluting, and is expected to play a larger role in our daily lives through various industries and ways of life as a reliable energy source in times of emergency.
Mikawawan Gas Terminal Co., Ltd. (MGT) views the stable supply of LPG as its social responsibility, and while overcoming the various problems that are unavoidable in labor-intensive industries, such as better distribution efficiency and reduced distribution costs, is working to revamp its distribution system.
With this as its main focus, MGT has established four filling stations in Toyokawa, Gamagori, Hamamatsu-minami and Kosai, located in the eastern part of Aichi Prefecture and the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture, centering on Midorigahama 1 in Tahara, Aichi Prefecture. This new general distribution center combines the largest LPG storage tanks and filling machines in Japan with revolutionary shipping and distribution facilities.
We at MGT believe that our business operations are contributing to the creation of richer lifestyles for citizens and the development of a local community through the stable supply of LPG to customers from Okazaki City in Aichi Prefecture to Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture, and large-scale distribution streamlining practices.
MGT is taking steps towards a new era as it intensifies its efforts to construct a large-scale, leading-edge supply model for LPG.


Site area



LPG storage tanks

Propane = 887t x 2



Propane/butane = 887/1,038t x 1


Butane = 1,037t x 1


Leftover gas recovery = 5t x 1


Access wall

1 site (compatible with type 999)


Tanker shipping facilities

5 sites


LP gas cylinder shipping facilities

Full automatic 20-head filling machine: 2 (depot filling stations)


Full automatic 16-head filling machine: 2 (direct shipping filling stations)


Large size stationary LP gas cylinder filling machine: 3 (direct shipping filling stations)


Small size stationary LP gas cylinder filling machine: 4 (direct shipping filling stations)


Automatic gas stand

Dispenser (single): 1


Leftover gas recovery facilities

Disposer: 1


LP gas cylinder tipping table: 3


Leftover gas burner furnace: 1



Pump (butane): 1


Pump (propane/butane): 1


Pumps (propane): 2


LPG compressors: 2


Air compressors: 3


Firefighting equipment

Firefighting water tank (1,500m3): 1


Firefighting pumps (650m3): 2


Seawall water curtain: 1


Security equipment

Grounds surveillance cameras: 4


Gas detection devices: 55


Seismoscopes: 3


Wind direction/wind speed meter: 1